Stone shingles are luxurious and beautiful — but they’re incredibly difficult to install and maintain. That’s why Vicwest is a leading provide of Granite Ridge, a shingle that looks like stone but is made of metal. As a stone-coated metal shingle, you’ll get the visual benefits of stone shingles and the durability of metal shingles — the best of both worlds.

Iron Shield Roofing is years of experience with Granite Ridge products and metal roof installation in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. By combining the strength and beauty of Granite Ridge with the unrivaled quality and service of Iron Shield Roofing, you’ll have an amazing metal roof that looks like aged stone — and your neighbors won’t even know the difference.

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It’s time to replace your old asphalt shingles with something more substantial. The Iron Shield Roofing team is your trusted company for Vicwest metal roof installation and roof replacement — we love to see our homeowners enjoy safer, stronger, and more beautiful homes. Call us with any questions, and get a quote today.