Replacing your roof with an EPDM roof system

EPDM is an especially good choice if you’re concerned about water pooling on your uneven or slanted roof. As a matter of fact, if you know you’re going to have water problems regardless of the roof you choose, EPDM is likely to be your best bet. Call us for an estimate to repair or replace your EPDM flat roof. And, if you’re replacing any flat roof, give us a call to find out of EPDM might be a good replacement for what you’ve got now. It’s a great choice for just about any roof size. 


At Iron Shield Roofing, we service a wide-range of commercial roofs. Here are just some examples of the types of buildings we work on:

  • Multi-family Housing, apartment buildings and condominium communities
  • Business parks, warehouses, and industrial buildings
  • Flat and low slope residential properties
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Retail stores and strip malls

Our Specialty is Your Difficult Roof

We’ve been installing EPDM roofing for a long time, and we’ve seen more weird roof problems than you can imagine. Because EPDM is often the choice for roofs with a lot of protrusions, vents, roof-mounted equipment, or other unique, hard-to-accommodate requirements, you won’t be able to throw anything at us that we haven’t seen before.

Give us a call. We’ll give you an honest appraisal of your current roof, including whether it needs repair or replacement. Our estimates are delivered promptly. Our prices are fair. And our work is unbeatable. From craftsmanship to safety, to customer service, we’re paying attention to every last detail.

We’ve got the right tools and the right people for the job. And, in the unlikely case that anything goes wrong, we stand by our work 100 percent. We’ll be there to make it right. That’s why we’ve got such a long line of happy customers behind us. Join them. Give us a call today.

Features and Benefits 

  • EPDM has 50 years of proven performance
  •  Industry leading UV resistance of 35,320 kJ/m²
  • Polyester reinforcement adds puncture, tear and fatigue resistance
  • EPDM membrane reduces snow and ice accumulation
  • Zero (no growth) rating for fungal growth
  • Less prone to damages due to water pooling on the roof

Demand The Best

Not all EPDM is the same. It is available in several different weights. Make sure you know what you’re getting from your roofer. Don’t just assume you’re getting the best. You’ll know exactly which product we’re using, why we chose it, and why we believe it is the best, most economical, most sustainable choice for your business.

You should demand the best from your commercial roofing contractor, and they should demand the best from their partners and the manufacturers they work with. We use only the highest-quality materials from manufacturers we trust, and who stand by their work just like we do.