Bon Accord isn’t just a certifiably awesome place to look at the night sky — it’s a place that many Canadian families call home. There’s something inherently peaceful and charming about this small Edmonton-area community — there’s a lot to do and a lot to enjoy here!

Unfortunately, Bon Accord faces its fair share of extreme weather in the cooler months of the year. Heavy snowfall, rainfall, and hail can cause serious damage to homes in the area.

If your home in Bon Accord isn’t protected with the best exterior products, it could be at risk for decreased energy efficiency, water leaks, home damage, and poor curb appeal, to name a few. You need roofing, siding, and other exterior solutions to keep your home as safe and beautiful as possible.

Iron Shield Roofing is the premier roofing company in Bon Accord — but we’re not just roofers. We serve local homeowners with our top-tier roof replacement, siding installation, window installation, and door installation. Learn more about how we can transform your home, and get a free estimate today.  

Our Exterior Services

Roofing Services

A roof replacement can slash your energy costs, shield your home from leaks and water damage, and give your curb appeal a huge boost. Iron Shield Roofing uses the best roofing materials like asphalt shingles from GAF, engineered rubber roofing from Euroshield, and seamless metal roofing from VicWest. No matter what your style or your budget is, we can help.


The Iron Shield Roofing Advantage

Bon Accord has plenty of roofers and siding contractors trying to serve the community. But Iron Shield Roofing has the customer service and professionalism that makes us the best in the industry. Iron Shield Roofing has been the Homestars Best Company three years running, and we’re earned certifications from the Alberta Allied Roofing Association (AARA) and the Siding Contractors Association of Alberta. With the best products, highly skilled craftsmen, and excellent customer service. Call us with any questions, and get a free estimate today.